Hakusan Superrindo and Shirakawago

It might look boring to outsiders to go every year the same Hakusan Superrindo and to Shirakawago, but during the Momiji season, when the leaves are getting these wonderful colors (even for a color-weak guy like me), I cannot resist to be a リピーター (repeater). This time two guests from Germany accompanied me.

Although the foot-bath was already out of water, going done the long flight of steps to the Fukube Waterfall (fukube-no-otaki) is always worth the long return.

Near the Fukube Waterfall one can visit siphons where really hot water is sprayed out

Steps on the way back from Fukube Waterfall.

Old house in Shirakawa-go.

More photos can be found at the photo album Superrindo and Sanpoiwa November 2013.

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