Kobo firmware 3.0.0 – kobohack-j – kobo-patcher

Kobo LogoNot much time has passed since Kobo firmware 2.10 was released, and here we are with another round, called 3.0.0. Although already late I booted up my laptop to try it out. Not many changes I found from 2.10, but I will report later on further changes.

Firmware: for Kobo AuroHD/GLO 3.0.0 (0cbc3626b3), see this thread for more details.

Kobohack-j from kobohack-j-130913.zip or newer works.

Furthermore, it seems that there is a new release of the Kobo Patcher that patches the libnickel. I have written about that here. The new patcher is available as usual from the Russian forum or via this direct link (but might not be the newest one): mz_koboreaderpatch_09.zip. I have installed most patches, especially for WifiInsomnia and reduced-footer, and it looks like all works.

More after the first few hundred pages of real books. Enjoy.

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