Fritz Lang’s Metropolis – フリッツ・ラングのメトロポリス

metropolisFinally, the new version of Metropolis has arrived. It contains the material found in 2008 in Argentina, extending the previously known footage.

The movie is one of my favorites, from 1927 by Fritz Lang, is counted as the first full feature science fiction movie. It tells the story of overcoming the separation between ruling class and workers class, when the daughter of the mayor and one worker fall in love.

The powerful body and face language of the actors provides an impressive example of what silent movies can convey without words. Its value and power can be seen from the long history of remakes and retakes, as well as from the fact that it was the first movie inscribed into the Memory of the World Register.

metropolice-screenshotThe version I bought comes from a Japanese company, adding Japanese subtitles, a Japanese booklet, and Japanese packaging. Fortunately the movie was left intact. One funny thing with it is that the DVD producers thought about being intelligent and change the title of the DVD name from “Metropolis” to “Metropolice”, whatever that might be. See the title bar of the screenshot on the left.

So, the evening is planned …

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