Gower Peninsula

Six years ago I visited a colleague in Swansea, Wales, and for a full week we were working without a break. It happened that besides the university campus I didn’t see anything else. Now I am back for another visit, and as already the first day had a decent weather forecast, we decided immediately to go for the famous Nature Reserve of Gower Peninsula, full of nature, wind, and sheep.

Rhossili beach on the tip of the Gower peninsula

Sheeps everywhere - sometimes very close to the cliffs
Steep cliffs

We drove to the far end, called Rhossili, where there is a beautiful long beach (too cold now) and the famous Worm’s Head, and island that gets connected to the main land only during low tide. The famous author  Dylan Thomas got stranded there over night once, and describes the scary, cold and foggy night in details.

The coast line with Worms Head, an island that can be reached only during low tide.
Hiking path sign

In the village of Rhossili we enjoyed a surprisingly nice lunch and a good Swansea Ale while discussing logic – what better place to squeeze your brains!

We continued on to the famous Arthur’s Stone on the Cefn Bryn, an ancient ridge on the Gower peninsula. This supposedly neolithic tomb stone, weighting some 30 tons, is standing about 1km away from the street, through wetlands, no signs at all – how different tourism is here on Gower.

Arthur's stone - a monolithic gravestone from about 4500 years ago. Later on King Arthur seemed to have passed by, too.

The last stop was a small hike down to Three Cliffs Bay. This hike leads down a splendid valley, like taken right out of Middle earth, along a meandering river, flanked by the castle ruins of Pennard Castle.

The valley down to Three Cliffs Bay, a bit a dream land, or Middle Earth?
Climbing on old castle ruins

We returned to my friend’s house, had a nice coffee and cookies chatting with his wife and kids. A wonderful day, a wonderful place! Thanks!

More photos at my photo site: Gower Peninsula, Swansea, February 2013


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