Carreg Cennen Castle, Wales

During my stay (for work) in Swansea I explored this beautiful castle ruin and its surroundings a bit. Unfortunately it was a rainy day, so the photos are a bit dull.

Some quotes from the Castle web site:

“Wales’ most Dramatically situated Castles!”

“Spell-binding views”

Voted Welsh building of the Millenium.

“Wales’ most Romantic Ruin”

When you arrive from the normal west side, a hilly green view is opening onto the castle.

The first few onto the castle, this side it is a nice hill side

After parking at the parking lot a few meters on is the reception serving as shop, coffee house, souvenier stall, guide, information desk, including a very friendly family serving excellent cakes and coffee.

The shop, cafe, information place

From the shop to the castle it is a leisurely walk of about 10min, lined with moss-laden bushes and walls.

Moss on the way to the castle

Approaching the castle one can catch some glimpses on the other side of the castle, a steep cliff dropping into a meandering river below.

The castle over the steep drop
View down on the other, the steep side, to the river below

Entering the castle one is greeted with a simple warning, much in contrast to the warning (kiken, abunai, chui) signs at the typical Japanese site.

A simple warning - very different from what we see in most places in Japan

The inside the castle is not so spectacular, but there is a long corridor down to a cave, which you can explore with a rented torch from the shop.

In the castle

The corridor down to the cave

After another round inside and outside I return to the parking lot and continued to other areas in the Welsh highlands.

Location of the castle:

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