Debian KDE/Plasma Status 2020-12-02

Another month worth of updates on KDE/Plasma in Debian has accumulated, so here we go. The highlights are: Plasma 5.19.5 based on Qt 5.15 is in Debian/unstable and testing, Plasma 5.20.4 is waiting to be uploaded soon to experimental, and my own builds at OBS have been updated to Plasma 5.20.4, Frameworks 5.76, Apps 20.08.3.

OBS packages

The OBS packages as usual follow the latest release, and currently ship KDE Frameworks 5.76, KDE Apps 20.08.3, and new, Plasma 5.20.4. The package sources are as usual (only the other-dep has disappeared, these packages are now all in Debian proper), for Debian/unstable:

deb ./
deb ./
deb ./
deb ./

and the same with Testing instead of Unstable for Debian/testing.

The latest update to 5.20.4 will probably need one or two install cycles due to missing Replaces. The reason is that the packages in OBS have been synced with the work we have done for the official Debian packages, and thus some files have moved between packages.

Debian main packages

After a few hiccups, the whole Plasma 5.19.5 stack has landed in Debian/testing, and we are working on an upload of 5.20.4 to Debian/experimental. This takes a bit, because we want to add infrastructure to automatically force all packages to be upgraded only together, so that there is no mix between old and new packages. This has shown quite some problems during the upgrade from 5.17 to 5.19 in testing. Also, I don’t think Debian needs to do something else than everybody else by allowing to mix Plasma released.

That said, I hope that we have an upload of 5.20 to experimental soon, followed by testing and an upload to unstable, so that it can migrate to testing in time for the freeze of Bullseye. Getting 5.20.5 into Bullseye is possible, but not guaranteed, not too much time between the release of 5.20.5 and proper freeze in Debian. But we will see.


12 Responses

  1. Ferdinand says:

    The update to 5.20.4 on Sid needed an apt -f install to install plasma-workspace-data and kde-cli-tools correctly. All is fine after that.

  2. MAYBL8 says:

    Thanks for doing all this work.

  3. I updated my Debian Unstable today. Plasma 5.20.4 Perfect here!
    Thank you very much for your work!

  4. Barlafuss says:

    updated Debian Testing, main system and VM : all perfect !
    Thanks for your great work here and with Debian

  5. Bob says:

    Working great, thanks!
    Rebuilding kwin with the lowlatency patch also does not need the removal of the line with regard to locales any more. Built the last patched kwin updates myself.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Really appreciated

  1. 2020/12/02

    […] Plasma-Pakete über den Build-Service OBS von openSUSE zur Verfügung stellt. In seinem neuesten Blog-Eintrag berichtet er, dass aus diesem Repository auf dem Umweg über Debian Experimental bereits Plasma […]

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