KDE/Plasma Status Update 2020-10-12

Update 2020-10-19: All packages are now available in Debian/experimental!

More than a month has passed since my last KDE/Plasma for Debian update, but things are progressing nicely.

OBS packages

On the OBS side, I have updated the KDE Apps to 20.08.2, and the KDE Frameworks to 5.75. Especially the update of apps brings in at least a critical security fix.

Concerning the soon to be released Plasma 5.20, packages are more or less ready, but as reported here we have to wait for Qt 5.15 to be uploaded to unstable, which is also planned in the near future.

Debian main packages

Uploads of Plasma 5.19.4 to Debian/experimental are processing nicely, more than half the packages are already done, and the rest is ready to go. What holds us back is the NEW queue, as usual.

We (Scarlett, Patrick, me) hope to have everything through NEW and in experimental as soon as possible, followed by an upload of probably Plasma 5.19.5 to Debian/unstable.

Thanks also to Lisandro for accepting me into the Salsa Qt/KDE team.

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  1. Thomas Florek says:

    Again extensive upgrades, as usual completely and without any problems on my sid(uction) machines.
    Thank you very much for your tireless dedication, Norbert.
    I’m especially happy that you are now working in the KDE/QT team.
    Good prospects for Plasma in Debian 😉

  2. Jakob says:

    Nice to read that things are moving forward again with KDE plasma in Debian. Many thanks for that!
    Meanwhile Plasma version 5.20 has been released. Wouldn’t it make sense to skip 5.19 and include the latest Plasma version right away?

  3. Armaan says:

    Thanks for all of your great work on this!

    Do you have any recent news?

    • Plasma 5.19.5 is already available from Debian/experimental and will be uploaded to Debian/unstable soon.

      Qt 5.15 will go into transition around end of October, after which I will update my Plasma 5.20 builds for unstable, and start working on getting Plasma 5.20 into Debian.

  4. Alex says:


    Thanks for the packages. A build-dep is missing somewhere resulting in klipper failing.

    Error loading QML file: file:///usr/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.clipboard/contents/ui/clipboard.qml:110:13: Type BarcodePage unavailable
    file:///usr/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.clipboard/contents/ui/BarcodePage.qml:27:1: module “org.kde.prison” is not installed

    I think redhat had the same issue:

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