TeX Live Debian update 20200804

The usual monthly drop of TeX Live packages. This time it took a few iterations to fix upgrade problems due to files being moved, but now we are there.

All arch all packages have been updated to the tlnet state as of 2020-08-04, see the detailed update list below. There is one interesting change that has been induced by the enforcement of Reserved Font Name provision of the OFL license: first many font packages in TeX Live lost their type1 variants, since conversion to other formats is forbidden. Later on the type1 fonts were re-included but with a changed font name to comply with the Reserved Font Name provision. Sometimes it is sad how one has to work around these nitpicking, and big thanks to the font package maintainers of TeX to provide such excellent service!


New packages

beamerthemenord, bubblesort, charissil, chhaya, dtk-bibliography, edichokey, ekdosis, ektype-tanka, exesheet, expkv-opt, ibarra, install-latex-guide-zh-cn, ltx4yt, membranecomputing, nimsticks, qrbill, thorshammer, tikzpackets, tlmgrbasics, verifiche, zztex,

Updated packages

accessibility, achemso, acromemory, aeb-mlink, algxpar, almendra, annee-scolaire, apa7, artthreads, asymptote, authoraftertitle, babel, babel-french, babel-german, beamer, beamerappendixnote, beebe, bib2gls, biblatex-gb7714-2015, biblatex-publist, biblatex-software, biblatex-swiss-legal, bitter, cabin, caption, cascade, chemfig, circuitikz, clefval, cloze, comprehensive, context-filter, context-vim, crossreftools, cryptocode, cweb, de-macro, derivative, dijkstra, doclicense, draftwatermark, ejpecp, ektype-tanka, elpres, elteikthesis, emoji, eplain, erewhon, etbb, etoolbox, expkv, expkv-def, fbb, fei, feyn, fitr, fontaxes, fontools, fontsetup, forest-quickstart, forum, genealogytree, glosmathtools, guitlogo, horoscop, install-latex-guide-zh-cn, isodoc, koma-script, l3backend, l3experimental, l3kernel, langsci-avm, latex-base-dev, latex-graphics-dev, latex-tds, latex-tools-dev, libertinus-fonts, libertinus-otf, librebaskerville, librecaslon, lobster2, logix, lshort-chinese, luabibentry, luatexja, luatexko, lua-ul, luaxml, lwarp, marathi, marcellus, mcf2graph, media9, merriweather, metastr, mnras, namedef, nanicolle, newcomputermodern, newtx, nicematrix, nimsticks, optex, overlock, pas-cours, pdftexcmds, pdfxup, pinoutikz, pkfix-helper, playfair, pm-isomath, polytable, popupmenu, postage, pst-eucl, ptex, pwebmac, qrbill, quattrocento, reledmac, richtext, semantex, shtthesis, suftesi, tcolorbox, tex4ht, texinfo, textpos, thesis-ekf, thmtools, thuthesis, tikzducks, tikz-nef, tocdata, tracklang, translator, tudscr, twemoji-colr, univie-ling, updmap-map, uptex, urlbst, verifiche, versonotes, witharrows, xassoccnt, xcharter, xepersian-hm, xfakebold, xindex, xits, yquant.

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