KDE/Plasma Status Update 2020-08-13

Short status update on my KDE/Plasma packages for Debian sid and testing:

  • Frameworks update to 5.73
  • Apps are now available from the main archive in the same upstream version and superseeding my packages
  • New architecture: aarch64

Hope that helps a few people. See this post for how to setup archives.


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  1. Do you use it on any aarch64 device?
    Fedora started to run natively including kernel on Raspi4 recently [0] , wondering how usable KDE is on the device.
    [0] https://fluxcoil.net/software/fedora/fedora32_on_raspi4

    • Not me, but I was asked on the blog of the last status update for aarch64 binaries. Turned out that building worked nicely out of the box.

    • BTW Christian, reading your blog it seems rather complicated to install Fedora on RPi4, isn’t that arch supported out of the box?

      On Debian we have quite good support, but due to some unfortunate dependencies I am stuck with RaspOS for our privacy aware smart speaker/assistant SUSI.AI

      • With these new steps which use ‘fedora-arm-image-installer’, the steps have become managable actually, compared to my old variants which transplanted the RaspOS kernel. It might be quite usable already without some of these steps, like setting static IP and disabling some services. I should try to distinguish better what’s really needed.
        Yes, seems like Debian is in quite nice state, also with native kernel. I link to it too from the overview over various distros, https://fluxcoil.net/hardwarerelated/raspberry_pi_4 .

  2. Dmitriy says:

    Hello! Thank you for your work, Norbert! I wonder is it possible to add kwin-lowlatency to your repo?

  3. Rokku says:

    i switched tonight from kde on debian sid to your packages. it was a joy to do that. it works great and seamless. thanks for your great work.

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