SUSI.AI release 20200120: Desktop and Smart Speaker

More than a month has passed, but the winter holidays allowed me to update, fix, and stream line a lot of corners in SUSI.AI. And above all, work on a desktop version that can easily be installed. Thus, the FOSSASIA Team finally can release a SUSI.AI 2020-01-20 of SUSI.AI, the privacy aware personal assistant.

Since long it has been possible to install and run SUSI.AI on Debian based desktops, and recent months have brought (partial) support for other distributions (RedHat, SUSE etc). This is the first release that provides an installation package for desktop environments that allow for easy installation. As usual, we also ship an image for the SUSI.AI Smart Speaker based on Raspberry Pi.

Changes in this release are:

  • Much improved documentation concerning necessary requirements
  • Separate installers for required dependencies and actual SUSI.AI, with support for different packaging infrastructure
  • fixed problems in portaudio due to upgrade to Debian/buster
  • reworked hotword/audio system for increased stability
  • release for desktop environments: fully relocatable SUSI.AI folder
  • susi-config program now can install .desktop files, systemd service files, and link binaries to directories in the PATH
  • initial work towards DeepSpeech support
  • many fixes and internal improvements

We are looking forward to feedback and suggestions, improvements, pull request! Please send either issues to one of the git repositories, or join us at one of the gitter channels (susi_hardware, susi_server, susi_android, susi_webclient, or generally at fossasia)!

4 Responses

  1. Awesome, great so see projects towards smart speaker functionality, OpenSource and with privacy in mind!

    • Still a long way to go, but incorporating projects like DeepSpeech etc brings us closer to freedom from the claws of Amazon, Google, and Apple.

      • Agreed, but in so many areas, once the opensource way is booted and gets to a level comparable to the commercial stuff, it’s unstoppable. I.e. Linux or BSD vs. commercial OS’s, hacked eink-reader firmware vs. vendor firmware, rockbox vs. vendor supplied firmware on mp3 players, and so on.

  1. 2020/01/29

    […] "the #FOSSASIA Team finally can release a SUSI.AI 2020-01-20 of SUSI.AI, the privacy aware personal assistant." […]

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