TeX Live/Debian updates 20191030

Another month, another update of TeX Live in Debian with the usual long list of updated and new packages.

The reappearance of turtle graphics via PStricks packages pst-turtle made me laugh. I used turtle graphics for my first programming steps, and still dearly remember the nights where we let the turtle run around on our school computer, and couldn’t wait to run to school to see the output in the morning.

Now for the full list of updates and new packages. Enjoy!

New packages

aaai-named, accessibility, authordate, bargraph-js, bxjatoucs, chicagoa, circledsteps, gindex, kblocks, pst-turtle, quiz2socrative, xkcdcolors,

Updated packages

acmart, acro, adforn, adfsymbols, aeb-minitoc, alegreya, almendra, amiri, amsmath, apxproof, asmeconf, asmejour, autosp, babel, beamer, beamer-rl, beebe, biblatex-manuscripts-philology, bidi, booktabs, breqn, bxpapersize, cabin, changes, chemformula, chemmacros, chemnum, cinzel, circuitikz, circuit-macros, clearsans, cochineal, coelacanth, cormorantgaramond, countriesofeurope, cquthesis, crimsonpro, curve2e, datetime2, datetime2-english, datetime2-slovak, datetime2-slovene, datetime2-turkish, datetime2-usorbian, datetime2-welsh, dccpaper, download, dtk, duckuments, ebgaramond, elegantpaper, elements, embrac, enotez, eq-save, esindex, esint, exsheets, fancyvrb, fei, filehook, fira, fnpct, fontools, fontspec, gfsneohellenicmath, ghsystem, gofonts, graphics, hyperref, knowledge, koma-script, kpathsea, l3backend, l3build, l3experimental, l3kernel, l3packages, latex, latexbug, latex-via-exemplos, leadsheets, leipzig, libertinus-otf, libertinus-type1, librecaslon, librefranklin, linguisticspro, lni, luabidi, luahbtex.x86_64-linux, luamplib, luatex, luavlna, lwarp, marcellus, mathalpha, mcf2graph, media9, merriweather, metrix, microtype, montserrat, mptopdf, multicolrule, nanicolle, newpx, newtx, nicematrix, nimbus15, notes2bib, noto, ocgx2, onedown, overlock, platex, playfair, plex, poemscol, polyglossia, practicalreports, prooftrees, pst-eucl, ptex-manual, pxchfon, pxjahyper, quattrocento, roboto, scontents, scratch3, shipunov, siunitx, skmath, skrapport, step, stickstoo, subfiles, suftesi, svg, tasks, tetex, tex4ht, tikzmark, titlesec, tlshell, tools, tracklang, tudscr, ucalgmthesis, updmap-map, uplatex, witharrows, xcharter, xecyr, xindex, xsim,

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