Updates to and development location of my Debian packages (calibre, onedrive, texlive, etc)

Due to recent events I have lost access to the packaging infrastructure of Debian (salsa), as well as the right to upload new packages (only updates are possible). This triggered a reorganization of my Debian packaging efforts as well as location of development git repositories and availability of packages, in particular move of all packages to GitHub. Those who are interested in contributing should please contact me on GitHub, and in general consider Salsa obsolete with respect to packages related to me.


Calibre for Debian is now packaged on Github, together with the necessary other packages:

Ready made packages for amd64 as well as source packages targeting unstable are available at my repository:

deb https://www.preining.info/debian/calibre unstable main
deb-src https://www.preining.info/debian/calibre unstable main

As of today, Calibre 3.38.1 3.39.1 is packaged. This and newer versions require a new package (css-parser) that I cannot upload to Debian, thus newer version will be only available from here for the time being. Buster will be released with 3.35.0.

Calibre 3.39.1 has been uploaded to Debian/unstable (without consulting me, though!).

TeX and Friends

Some repositories have moved to the GitHub organization Debian TeX. For now I have made updates to the texinfo packages. Please see the repositories there.

Ready made packages for amd64 as well as source packages targeting unstable are available at my repository:

deb https://www.preining.info/debian/tex unstable main
deb-src https://www.preining.info/debian/tex unstable main

Currently only texinfo 6.5.91 (pretest versions of new texinfo) is packaged, and TeX Live packages 2018.20190209. In the future updates to various TeX related packages might be found here.

OneDrive, Elixir, etc

This repository contains binaries for amd64 and source of various other package I might update. At the moment it only contains onedrive and elixir. The latest version of OneDrive has also been uploaded to Debian to ensure that some serious bugs in the software are fixed. In the future some intermediate or not so important updates to onedrive and maybe other of “my” packages will be found here:

deb https://www.preining.info/debian/other unstable main
deb-src https://www.preining.info/debian/other unstable main

Cinnamon 4

I have done a bit of packaging of Cinnamon 4. The latest changes are available from the cinnamon4-debian organization on Github, and I make amd64 binaries and source available for those who want to try Cinnamon 4:

deb https://www.preining.info/debian/cinnamon unstable main
deb-src https://www.preining.info/debian/cinnamon unstable main

Keys and signatures

The release files are signed with my GPG key – which was once available via the Debian keyring, and is still available via the Debian Maintainers Keyring as well as here. Unfortunately it seems I cannot update my key in Debian anymore, so you have to add my public key to the apt key database:

curl -fsSL https://www.preining.info/rsa.asc | apt-key add -

to make sure that the correct public key is used.

The packages in these repositories are neither official nor provided with any warranty. Those packages that are not uploaded to Debian are not submitted to the same level of testing, so be warned.

Comments, improvements, pull requests etc are welcome!



4 Responses

  1. DW says:


    I have been using the debian/tex repo for a few days and I am getting an error since yesterday :

    GPG error: http://www.preining.info/debian/tex unstable InRelease: The following signatures were invalid: EXPKEYSIG D80E09B087140066 Norbert Preining

    I tried to re-add the key just to be sure, but the error persists.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


    • Thanks for the heads-up. The problem is that my key in the Debian keyring is expired, and I cannot update it. I added a paragraph how to add my public key to the apt key database. Then it works.

  2. A Fan says:

    I hope you stop contributing to Debian and go John Galt. The world is mad and the sane are being outnumbered by the incompetent insane.

  3. JW says:

    Just wanted to say I disagree with the Debian “Anti-harrasment” team removing you as a developer over ridiculous accusations that have no relation to the technical nature of the project or its mission. I hope the absuridity of censorship like that is stopped quickly. Thanks for you contributions and I hope you can find a place to contribute to that is more focused and realisistic. Free and open source software, along with freedom of expression and speech all have a place in ensuring human liberty regardless of the locale or place.
    The people that have limited you parade themselves as championsnof tolerance and acceptance, but time and time again they show themselves to be the most controlling, limiting, and tyranical types. Its to the detriment of all freedom and sensical people. No one is fooled by their disingenuous rhetoric of love and positivity. Their actions are proof of their doctrine. They exist to control and subvert.
    The policitalization and censorship taking place in Linux and Debian and other countless places is extremely worrisome. I will be keeping an eye open for alternative and more sensible projects. I hope others continue to fight back against this nonsense.
    Best Regards.

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