TeX Live/Debian updates 20181106

All around updates in the TeX Live on Debian world: Besides the usual shipment of macro and font packages, we have uploaded a new set of binaries checked out from current svn, as well as the latest and shiniest version of biber to complement the macro update of biblatex.

The version for the binary packages is 2018.20181104.49075 and is based on svn revision 49075. That means we get:

  • new dvisvgm version 2.6.1
  • several bugfixes in dvipdfmx
  • addition of dviout-util (previously only available on Windows): dvispc, chkdvifont
  • various security related bugfixes

In addition to that, in Debian we switched to the separately packaged version of teckit instead of using the one shipped in TeX Live.

The version of the macro/font packages is 2018.20181106-1 and contains the usual set of updated and new packages, see below for the complete list. One important – though not functional – update is the one of hyph-utf8, where the license of the UK English patterns has changed from a TeX like license statement (changes allowed with renaming clause) that generates again and again puzzlement in the Debian community (latest instance is bug 912557, which actually spread out into other packages). Thanks to the original authors and the team of hyph-utf8 these patterns are now finally under the MIT license.

Biber has been updated to 2.12-1 which is compatible with the version of biblatex in the current set of packages.

The packages are already included in the archive but might need a bit until arriving at your local mirror.

Please enjoy.

New packages

biblatex-bath, brandeis-problemset, changelog, cluttex, colorprofiles, ditaa, facture-belge-simple-sans-tva, grabbox, identkey, pgf-cmykshadings, pst-moire, srdp-mathematik, thesis-qom, zhlineskip,

Updated packages

acmart, aeb-minitoc, arabluatex, arara, asciilist, babel, babel-belarusian, baskervillef, biblatex, biblatex-bath, biblatex-chem, biblatex-ext, biblatex-nature, biblatex-opcit-booktitle, biblatex-phys, biblatex-science, bidi, brandeis-problemset, catechis, changes, chemfig, cm, cochineal, colorprofiles, currency, diffcoeff, docsurvey, ducksay, europecv, exsol, facture-belge-simple-sans-tva, fancyvrb, firamath, fontawesome5, fonts-tlwg, footnoterange, grayhints, gtrlib-largetrees, hyphen-afrikaans, hyphen-ancientgreek, hyphen-armenian, hyphen-basque, hyphen-belarusian, hyphen-bulgarian, hyphen-catalan, hyphen-chinese, hyphen-churchslavonic, hyphen-coptic, hyphen-croatian, hyphen-czech, hyphen-danish, hyphen-dutch, hyphen-english, hyphen-esperanto, hyphen-estonian, hyphen-ethiopic, hyphen-finnish, hyphen-french, hyphen-friulan, hyphen-galician, hyphen-georgian, hyphen-german, hyphen-greek, hyphen-hungarian, hyphen-icelandic, hyphen-indic, hyphen-indonesian, hyphen-interlingua, hyphen-irish, hyphen-italian, hyphen-kurmanji, hyphen-latin, hyphen-latvian, hyphen-lithuanian, hyphen-mongolian, hyphen-norwegian, hyphen-occitan, hyphen-piedmontese, hyphen-polish, hyphen-portuguese, hyphen-romanian, hyphen-romansh, hyphen-russian, hyphen-sanskrit, hyphen-serbian, hyphen-slovak, hyphen-slovenian, hyphen-spanish, hyphen-swedish, hyphen-thai, hyphen-turkish, hyphen-turkmen, hyphen-ukrainian, hyphen-uppersorbian, hyphen-welsh, hyph-utf8, keyvaltable, komacv-rg, l3build, l3experimental, l3kernel, l3packages, latex2e-help-texinfo, latex2e-help-texinfo-spanish, latexdiff, latexindent, latex-make, latexmk, listofitems, lualibs, luaotfload, luatexja, luaxml, lwarp, multilang, nicematrix, onedown, pdfcomment, pgf-cmykshadings, platex-tools, plautopatch, pst-marble, reledmac, rutitlepage, spectralsequences, svg, tex4ht, texcount, tikzmark, toptesi, typed-checklist, uantwerpendocs, univie-ling, witharrows, xits.

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  1. anarcat says:

    how do i make my (currently) favorite LaTeX package part of the Debian texlive packages? I’ve had great interactions with the [wallcalendar project][] and I wonder if it could/should be shipped with texlive…

    [wallcalendar project]: https://github.com/profound-labs/wallcalendar

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