TypeScript’s generics – still a long way to go

I first have to admit I am no a JavaScript or TypeScript expert, but the moment I wanted to implement some generic functionality (Discrete Interval Encoding Tree with additional data and that is merged according to a functional type parameter), I immediately stumbled upon lots of things I would like to have but aren’t there – I guess I am too much used to Scala.

First of all, parametric classes within parameters being again parametric, submitted in 2014, still open.

Then the nice one, type aliases do not work with classes (follow up here):

class A {}
type B = A;
var b = new B(); // <--- Cannot find name 'B'.

In this case not very useful, but in my case this would have been something like

type B = A>

in which case this would make a lot of sense.

Time to go back to some Scala ...

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