TeX Live 2018 for Debian

TeX Live 2018 has hit Debian/unstable today. The packages are based on what will be (most likely, baring any late desasters) on the TeX Live DVD which is going to press this week. This brings the newest and shiniest version of TeX Live to Debian. There have

The packages that have been uploaded are:

The changes listed in the TeX Live documentation and which are relevant for Debian are:

  • Kpathsea: Case-insensitive filename matching now done by default in non-system directories; set texmf.cnf or environment variable texmf_casefold_search to 0 to disable. Full details in the Kpathsea manual.
  • epTEX, eupTEX: New primitive \epTeXversion.
  • LuaTEX: Preparation for moving to Lua 5.3 in 2019: a binary luatex53 is available on most platforms, but must be renamed to luatex to be effective. Or use the ConTEXt Garden files; more information there.
  • MetaPost: Fixes for wrong path directions, TFM and PNG output.
  • pdfTEX: Allow encoding vectors for bitmap fonts; current directory not hashed into PDF ID; bug fixes for \pdfprimitive and related.
  • XeTEX: Support /Rotate in PDF image inclusion; exit nonzero if the output driver fails; various obscure UTF-8 and other primitive fixes.
  • tlmgr: new front-ends tlshell (Tcl/Tk) and tlcockpit (Java); JSON output; uninstall now a synonym for remove; new action/option print-platform-info.

And above all, the most important change: We switched to CMSS, a font designed by DEK, for our logo and banners 😉


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  1. Hi,

    I was surprised to see that texlive-binaries 2018.20180416.47457-1 depends on both libtexlua52 and libtexlua53 (on amd64) and initially thought that this was an error (without any explanation in the changelog.Debian.gz file). So, is it on purpose that luatex53 has been added in addition to luatex, which is the 5.2 version?

    • Yes, luatex53 is available for those who want to test it. I don’t recommend it as setting it up means moving files etc, but ok, it is there, in the same way as with TL upstream.

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