Gaming: Monument Valley 2

I recently found out the Monument Valley, one of my favorite games in 2016, has a successor, Monument Valley 2. Short on time as I usually am, I was nervous that the game would destroy my scheduling, but I went ahead and purchased it!

Fortunately, it turned out to be quite a short game, maybe max 2h to complete all the levels. The graphics are similar to the predecessor, that is to say beautifully crafted. The game mechanics is also unchanged, with only a few additions (like the grow-rotating tree (see the image in the lower right corner above). What has changed that there are now two actors, mother and daughter, and sometimes one has to manage both in parallel, which adds a nice twist.

What I didn’t like too much were the pseudo-philosophical teachings in the middle, like that one

but then, they are fast to skip over.

All in all again a great game and not too much of a time killer. This time I played it not on my mobile but on my Fire tablet, and the bigger screen was excellent and made the game more enjoyable.

Very recommendable.

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  1. Jonathan says:

    I’ve yet to try this (and yet to finish Monument Valley, although I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen so far). Have you tried Polytopia?

    • Thanks for you comment, and I recommend playing both MV games 😉 I have taken a look at Polytopia but it is like Civ on the mobile/tablet, very different I would say, but thanks for the recommendation.

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