Calibre in Debian

Some news about Calibre in Debian: I have been added to the list of maintainers, thanks Martin, and the recent release of Calibre 3.4 into Debian/unstable brought some fixes concerning the desktop integration. Now I am working on Calibre 3.5.

Calibre 3.5 separates out one module, html5-parser, into a separate package which needs to be included into Debian first. I have prepared and uploaded a version, but NEW processing will keep this package from entering Debian for a while. Other things I am currently doing is going over the list of bugs and try to fix or close as many as possible.

Finally the endless Rar support story still continues. I still don’t have any response from the maintainer of unrar-nonfree in Debian, so I am contemplating to package my own version of libunrar. As I wrote in the previous post, Calibre now checks whether the Python module unrardll is available, and if, uses it to decode rar-packed ebooks. I have a package for unrardll ready to be uploaded, but it needs the shared library version, and thus I am stuck waiting for unrar-nonfree.

Anyway, to help all those wanting to play with the latest Calibre, my archive nowadays contains:

  • preliminary packages for Calibre 3.5
  • updated package for unrar-nonfree that ship the shared library
  • the new pacakge unrardll to be uploaded after unrar-nonfree is updated
  • the new package html5-parser which is in NEW

Together these packages provide the newest Calibre with Rar support.

deb calibre main
deb-src calibre main

The releases are signed with my Debian key 0x6CACA448860CDC13


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  1. Thank you for extending the help in maintaining Calibre

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