Running in the Kanazawa hills

Sometimes I needed a short break from work, and usually I go a bit running. Normally I run between five and ten km, just around our flat. But yesterday I somehow thought it might be a good idea to run through the hills near by. I usually drive up there to a climbing spot or a cafe, so it will for sure not be that long. Well, my estimation was wrong …

Turned out to be 20km and quite a trip up and down, in fact 560mH running up wasn’t what I could actually do, so I walked the steeper parts. Due to the permanent rain the views weren’t that great, but one gets a feeling how far it is back to town.

I used my new fenix 5x for the run (was helpful with the built-in map, report later), so I got very detailed data from Garmin Connect. Not that I really understand what it is all for, but Garmin told me that I am overtraining and that I am not a good runner (due to vertical oscillation etc). I guess there is a whole lot to learn and improve.

Anyway, I made it back alive, and the first thing I needed was loads of water to drink 😉

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  1. Frans Goddijn says:

    Nice!! I just got the Fenix 5 / sapphire last Tuesday so I’m also learning about the options. I did not get the one with maps since I already have the Oregon600 and the GPSmap 276Cx so there is no chance of getting lost anywhere. The Fenix does need a number of regular training 10km/h stretches before it understands your stamina better. Keep posting!

    • Hi Frans,
      I am a very lazy runner, and use the watch more for mountaineering. I also have a big mountaineering GPS 62s, but the watch here in Japan comes with maps. I used a fenix 3 for quite some time.

      Would be happy to hear about your opinion, and tips and tricks!

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