Calibre on Debian

Calibre is the prime open source e-book management program, but the Debian releases often lag behind the official releases. Furthermore, the Debian packages remove support for rar packed e-books, which means that several comic book formats cannot be handled.

Thus, I have published a local repository targeting Debian/sid of calibre with binaries for amd64 where rar is enabled and as far as possible the latest version is included.

deb calibre main
deb-src calibre main

The releases are signed with my Debian key 0x6CACA448860CDC13


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4 thoughts on “Calibre on Debian

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    • Concerning the rar stuff: I guess this is because of free/nonfree stuff, as it is explicitly removed during .orig.tar building. Thus there is no much one can do besides having a separate repository.

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