Debian/TeX Live 2016.20160819-1

A new – and unplanned – release in quick succession. I have uploaded testing packages to experimental which incorporate tex4ht into the TeX Live packages, but somehow the tex4ht transitional updated slipped into sid, and made many packages uninstallable. Well, so after a bit more testing let’s ship the beast to sid, meaning that tex4ht will finally updated from the last 2009 version to what is the current status in TeX Live.


From the list of new packages I want to pick out the group of phf* packages that seem from a quick reading over the package documentations as very interesting.

But most important is the incorporation of tex4ht into the TeX Live packages, so please report bugs and shortcomings to the BTS. Thanks.

New packages

aurl, bxjalipsum, cormorantgaramond, notespages, phffullpagefigure, phfnote, phfparen, phfqit, phfquotetext, phfsvnwatermark, phfthm, table-fct, tocdata.

Updated packages

acmart, acro, biblatex-abnt, biblatex-publist, bxdpx-beamer, bxjscls, bxnewfont, bxpdfver, dccpaper, etex-pkg, europasscv, exsheets, glossaries-extra, graphics-def, graphics-pln, guitarchordschemes, ijsra, kpathsea, latexpand, latex-veryshortguide, ledmac, libertinust1math, markdown, mcf2graph, menukeys, mfirstuc, mhchem, mweights, newpx, newtx, optidef, paralist, parnotes, pdflatexpicscale, pgfplots, philosophersimprint, pstricks-add, showexpl, tasks, tetex, tex4ht, texlive-docindex, udesoftec, xcolor-solarized.

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