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  1. rrregis says:

    So, does this mean you’re OK with Google and Facebook hiring a disproportionately high number of black programmers because, well, bears think we (everyone) all taste the same?

  2. John Hughes says:

    Actually I think people are supposed to taste more like pork than chicken.

  3. I’m generally enjoying following planet debian because of the well thought out posts with substantive care taken to provide high quality intelligent content that respect both their readers and persons mentioned/referred to. Your recent posts (and a couple in the past) definately feels like a lowering of the average quality of the content there.

    Calling Matthew Garret straight up an SJW ( Don’t say you don’t use that in aderagatory manner) for a well written post (He doesn’t agree with the person he responds to either) especially since your post definately doesn’t hold the same standards and following up with stuff like this feels like a bit of a quality regression for that list.

    • Thanks for your comment and advice. I hope you wrote something similar to posters that beriddled me on PD.

      • I may have missed one as I skim through some posts, but noone that starts by calling you a meaningless derogatory term the first they do and in the next paragraph claim that your opinion can be summarized in 1 paraphrased sentence and dismissing the rest with a “I’m a scientist I’m not biased”.

        There are quite a lot of studies that show that everyone is most certainly biased in some ways and it’s nearly impossible to counteract even it you actively acknowledge it and try to avoid it.

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