TeX Live 2014 frozen – pretest starting soon

So there we are, each year around April TeX Live gets frozen. Today’s update was the last of TeX Live 2014. From now on we concentrate on updating binaries and packaging in preparation for TeX Live 2015, scheduled for beginning of June.


As far as we see now, there will not be a lot of big changes besides the usual updates and fixes to the binaries. The one big change is that fmtutil has been rewritten in Perl, and will replace the well worn shell script on Unix platforms and the executable on Windows. The core change here is that, as with the switch to the Perl variant of updmap, the new fmtutil will also be “multi”, meaning that it will read not only one fmtutil.cnf file, but all. In later blog posts I will discuss this in detail.

Pretest for 2015 has still not started, as we need to set up some things first. But if it is ready, please see the pretest page for details.

For now, sit back and relax, no daily updating necessary anymore for quite some time, unless you want to try pretest!

And of course, enjoy and join TUG to show your appreciation of our efforts!

4 Responses

  1. Moss_the_TeXie says:

    TeXlive 201_4_? Sure?? 😉

    • Hi Moss,

      yes, 2014 is frozen. If you try running tlmgr you will get a message stating this.

      We are now preparing for 2015, that one is not frozen, not even released 😉

  2. Moss_the_TeXie says:

    <hirnpatsch> Yessssssss… sure.
    It was 5:33 and I hadn’t slept by then. Sorry.

    TeXlive 2015 looks good indeed; I’m running MacTeX 2015 pretest on two machines without any issues by now.

  3. Moss_the_TeXie says:

    Aha, that’s your local time … logically, if one thinks about it. This thing keeps looking more and more bad for me … 😉

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