PiwigoPress release 2.29

I just pushed a new release of PiwigoPress (main page, WordPress plugin dir) to the WordPress servers. This release incorporates lots of security related fixes by Rüdiger Schulz, bit thanks to him.


PiwigoPress supported from the very beginning to load images from remote galleries. In the previous version I added support for loading the list of albums, too, from remote galleries. Rüdiger realized that the proxying mechanism used from the very beginning, and which I took over when I took maintainance of the plugin, is insecure in the sense that malicious plugins could use it to load more code. He has now implemented several fixes and security improvements, which gave me a great opportunity to learn about this.

Bottom line: no new features, just security improvements, and I also checked that the plugin runs with the soon to be released WordPress 4.2.

That’s all, enjoy, and leave your wishlist items and complains at the issue tracker on the github project piwigopress.

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