Impressions from Hawaii, the Big Island

As I am still in Hawaii, I don’t want to spend too much time in front of the computer, so here are only some short impressions from our stay on the Big Island. What should I say, paradise for most people, as there is perfect beaches and great nature:

There are many more photos to come, but to get a quick look, continue here.

The most surprising and not typical Hawaiian surroundings was in the area around Waimea. Rolling fields, cows, horses, much more like inland mainland US. Besides that all of this is throned by volcanoes with snow on the top. Simply spectacular!

Where else in the world one can walk on a lava lake …, yeah, Volcanoes National Park. Great 2h-hike (usually 2h, my 55min).

Turtles? Hard to find? Not here, many, many of them, and in addition on a black sand beach. Great combination!

Not to forget all those great sunsets, sometimes with, sometimes without cocktails. But always with a great atmosphere.

A great place to relax, take a good break, breath deeply the beauties of the nature, and forget all the troubles and hardships back home.

And in addition to great nature, they are also brewing great beers on the Big Island. Not one, but several local breweries create nice IPAs. Good that there is no hard 0% limit in the US!

More photos and stories will follow when we are back … for now, more wine and party!


5 Responses

  1. Casey says:

    We went to Maui few years ago…it really is paradise there. Have fun!

  2. Tokuro Yamazaki says:

    In Hawaii, it was the first time for me to shoot the gun. 🙂

    I am glad that I can hear you were enjoying during Hawaii trip!!!

  3. All Graduates | Italian Translation Service says:

    Great photos of Hawaii you got there, especially the sunset. Would certainly wish to be there with a cocktail in hand and just reminisce about an entire day’s touring and traveling. Great tourist places, great beers; it’s no wonder why Hawaii is a place one would always think about when they are dreaming about an island vacation. Thanks for sharing your pictures on your Hawaiian adventure!

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