Frank Schätzing – Limit

After having devoured Frank Schätzing’s The Swarm, I had to read another of his epic novels, Limit. Set around 2025, this thriller spans several continents as well as space stations and the moon. Helium 3 has become the energy source of the future, but a very intricate complot threatens to disrupt production of Helium 3 for unforeseeable future. During a visit to the moon of some of the richest and most influential people in the world, the big showdown begins.

Frank Schätzing - Limit

As with The Swarm, the book is excellently researched. From city development in China to future energy sources, from political status in Africa to communication techniques and the future internet, Frank Schätzing has probably done more research and reading on the topic than the average student of any of the respective topics. This boils down to an overboarding novel, that leads the reader across many many battle fields.

While reading the Swarm, I think there was not one minute when I felt bored, I still believe that it is the longest book keeping a permanently high tension. With Limit it is a bit different. I had to work through some of the a bit lengthier parts of it. Still the finish is great, and the last 300+ pages are real Schätzing-style, I couldn’t stop reading.

Overall a recommendable book for those into thrillers, and even more if you like multiple very elaborated story-lines, and great scientific background.

(Available in several languages, at least German (original), English, and Japanese)

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