PiwigoPress release 2.24

PiwigoPress is a WordPress plugin that allows inclusion of photos from any (open) Piwigo photo gallery. I am happy to announce that the former maintainer vpiwigo agreed handing over maintenance to me, and allowed me to make a new release that fixes incompatibilities with WordPress 3.9 (and above) and Piwigo 2.7. Big thanks to vpiwigo for his incredible work on this plugin!


News and changes

  • fix for Piwigo 2.6 version (from the forum)
  • fix for tinyMCE v4 integration (JavaScript code updated) “generate and insert” was broken and only inserted the first image
  • allow url to be “/foo/bar” like on local server, preserving http(s)
  • support //host/path and use either http or https
  • link targets to photo are now within the first category of the photo
  • support pulling from a specific category instead of only from all photos

On top of the explanations in the last post on this blog, I have added the feature to select a specific gallery (category) from a drop-down list to pull photos from, instead of only pulling the most recent photos one.

Development is now down on github project piwigopress, please submit patches, merge requests, issues, and suggestions there.

I will try to keep this plugin alive and kicking, since I am using it a lot!

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