Debian/TeX Live 2014.20140821-1

After my well earned summer break, here another round of updates to the TeX Live packages, with lots of new and updated packages.

TeX Live/Debian

Packages are on the way to the servers and should arrive at end users over the next days.

Updated packages

achemso, amscls, animate, answers, babel-greek, beebe, biblatex-chicago, bidi, bidicontour, bidipagegrid, chemmacros, chemnum, chet, cjk-ko, context-vim, csplain, cstex, dataref, dccpaper, dviasm, dvipdfmx-def, dvips, eledmac, enctex, exsheets, exsol, fmtcount, getmap, glossaries, heuristica, hf-tikz, historische-zeitschrift, hobby, interval, isodoc, japanese-otf-uptex, jsclasses, l3build, l3experimental, l3kernel, l3packages, latexconfig, latexdiff, leipzig, lipsum, ltablex, lua-check-hyphen, lualatex-math, lualibs, luaotfload, media9, msu-thesis, newtxtt, pdftex, persian-modern, pgfplots, phonrule, plain, pst-circ, pst-math, pst-node, pst-plot, pstricks, pstricks-add, pythontex, raleway, reotex, schule, sepfootnotes, sourcecodepro, sourcesanspro, stix, tableaux, tcolorbox, tetex, texconfig, xepersian, xetexconfig, xetex-def, xetexko.

New packages

assoccnt, bangorcsthesis, bidishadowtext, blox, breqn, caladea, carlito, celtic, chemformula, chemgreek, chemschemex, clrscode3e, cntformats, dsptricks, fancylabel, ghsystem, komacv, listlbls, luatodonotes, mathtools, mugsthesis, pst-spirograph, pygmentex, qcircuit, roboto, tasks, yathesis.


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