Preparation for TeX Live 2014 (and Debian)

Prepartions for this year’s release of TeX Live 2014 are under way. The first build rounds to ensure that there are no severe problems with building on all supported architectures have already successfully finished.

The current plan is to freeze TeX Live 2013 / tlnet in the next week. That means that after this, for about 2 months, there will be no updates via the usual channels, but people are invited to try the pretest distributions. Further plans are to go into complete freeze around mid May, and ship the final images beginning of June, with the public release beginning of July.

Bottomline for developers of TeX related packages: If you have pending updates you want to see in TL’13, please commit them as soon as possible.


Concerning Debian I am preparing one last update to unstable of TL’13 based, i.e., only updating the arch=all packages in this week. After that I will very soon upload packages of the new binaries to experimental and later to unstable.

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