Kobo Glo kobohack-j 140113

Kobo LogoA new release of the kobohack-j package brings the addition of parted (partition manager) and the necessary libuuid, as well as updates to freetype (2.5.2), libpng (1.6.8), and sqlite (3.8.2). Installation is as usual by copying the KoboHack.tgz file(s) to the .kobo directory of the device. I love to have an ssh server running on my Kobo. Note that since Google is phasing out the download option of Google projects, the downloads have moved to Google Drive.

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  1. Favacho says:

    What is kobohack-j? what does it adds to kobo glo?

    • Hi
      it updates several libraries to newer or optimized versions, which results in better speed, especially for graphics.

      And – for me more important – it adds several programs, like an ssh server and telnet server, plus debugging tools.

      Does that answer your question?

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