TUG 2013 in Tokyo – TeX Users Group Meeting

TUG 2013From Wednesday next week on the 34th Annual Meeting of the TeX Users Group will bring together over 150 TeX users, TeX experts, typographiles, book lovers, font designers, etc. A dense program with talks not only on TeX, but also Japanese writing systems, indexing, plotting, and much more.

For those who don’t know about TeX, that is what the TUG Intro page says:

TeX is a typesetting language. Instead of visually formatting your text, you enter your manuscript text intertwined with TeX commands in a plain text file. You then run TeX to produce formatted output, such as a PDF file. Thus, in contrast to standard word processors, your document is a separate file that does not pretend to be a representation of the final typeset output, and so can be easily edited and manipulated.

And if you believe that this paradigm doesn’t give itself to complex documents, take a look at our showcase, a collection of incredible things from math to linguistics, graphics, music, and much more.

Everyone is invite to join, on the spot registration is possible, even for one day. And of course you can enjoy a friendly atmosphere and interesting chats. (And you could even listen to myself giving two talks)

See you at TUG 2013 in Tokyo.

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