jfontmaps release 20130410.0

After quite some time of development today I uploaded jfontmaps release 20130410.0 to the CTAN servers. This release finally brings a working support for JIS2004 glyph shapes.

JIS compare

Thanks goes to

  • Hironori Kitagawa for most of the work, specifically for writing new cmaps for JIS2004 mapping, and code to generate the map files
  • Takayuki Yato (zrbabbler) for his findings on the insufficiency of the previous JIS2004 support (see here, here, here, and here)
  • Takuji Tanaka for the initial work on JIS2004 maps

There are several changes noteworthy:

  • proper support for JIS2004, in all the font families (but not all ship all the necessary glyphs!)
  • renaming of the setup script to kanji-config-updmap as a consequence of Windows interpreting the words setup special
  • new families supported, and different versions of families. The new set of allowed families for the updmap.cfg setting kanjiEmbed are: noEmbed, ms, ipa, ipaex, hiragino, hiragino-pron, kozuka, kozuka-pr6n, kozuka-pr6, morisawa, morisawa-pr6n. These names match the names in the latex PXchfon package of Yato-san.

Some more internal changes have happened, too:

The new package will soon be part of the TeX Live 2013 pretest and will be part of the release 2013.

We will update the TUG web page on updmap and Kanji embedding soon.

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