Moving (and greenifying) my digital home

Up to recently my web site was at the server. That was a completely outdated and hopeless page, and I used it for nothing but distributing files. At the same time I was owning the domain since long time, but only had a forward to the home page.

Then I started to use the excellent service for hosting my photos, and after some time I added static pages to the photo gallery, and pointed the domain to the web space.

So, before last week I had all my digital home spread out in many places:

  • outdated blog at
  • domain registration at in Austria
  • photo album and web page at

Last week I finally decided to consolidate all this chaos into one place, and after not too long research I decided for, a web service that calls itself Green, i.e., using renewable energy for their data centers. I don’t trust that they do it fully, but every piece used from renewable energy is already a win.

On their hoster I set up a WordPress blog (what you are reading now), moved the installation to my own Piwigo installation. This was, thanks to the’s policy of not binding you and providing one with the full data dump and a tar of all photos, very easy.

What is still in process is the move of the registration from to hostpapa, which probably needs a bit more time, but the name servers are already properly set up.

Bottom line: in about one week I managed to move most things, so welcome to my new digital home:

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