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Kibagata-Hakusan-Shinkansen-Harmony Forum

I have already reported a few times about the bleak future of our nature environment with the coming of the Shinkansen, see and . We will have a rather big Forum coming up in...


First Kibagata Forum

(日本語版の為、「これ」と「これ」を見て下さい。) Last sunday the first Kibagata Forum was held. Aim of this meeting is the protection of the Kibagata and its surroundings during the construction of the Hokuriku-Shinkansen from Matto direction Fukui. As already...


Save Lake Kiba

Everyone knows that the Shinkansen is coming to Hokuriku. But do you know that the Shinkansen line as planned will destroy one of the last nature reserves on the coast line, the Lake Kiba...