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Android 7.0 Nougat – Root – PokemonGo 15

Android 7.0 Nougat – Root – PokemonGo

UPDATE 20161008 This blog is outdated, please see the updated version: Reload: Android 7.0 Nougat – Root – Pokemon Go Since my switch to Android my Nexus 6p is rooted and I have happily...

Gaming: Deus Ex Go 5

Gaming: Deus Ex Go

Long flights and lazy afternoons relaxing from teaching, I tried out another game on my Android device, Deus Ex Go. It is a turn based game in the style of the Deus Ex series...

Gaming: The Room series 2

Gaming: The Room series

After having finished Monument Valley and some spin-offs, Google Play suggested me The Room series games (The Room, The Room II, Room III), classical puzzle games with a common theme – one needs to...

Gaming: Monument Valley 4

Gaming: Monument Valley

With a small baby invading your lifestyle, not much time for other activities is left over, especially for gaming. Most of the times even using my computer is a one-hand-action. In these times mobile...

Gaming: Portal Stories: Mel 5

Gaming: Portal Stories: Mel

The last days, after about 20 hours of gameplay, I have finally finished Portal Stories: Mel, the single player mod for Portal 2. After having played and , I have to say this one...


Gaming: The Talos Principle

Over the last weekends I finally managed to finish The Talos Principle, all of its endings. Compared to the actual play time I needed for , namely about 12 hours, The Talos Principle challenged...

Challenging riddle from The Talos Principle 3

Challenging riddle from The Talos Principle

When I recently complained that was too easy, I have to say, The Talos Principle is challenging. For a solution that, if known, takes only a few seconds, I often have to wring my...

Gaming: Portal 2 10

Gaming: Portal 2

It took me ages to finish , but Portal 2 was different – I moved through the games in high speed. Actually playing time was the same, but I played a bit more often...

Gaming: Portal 28

Gaming: Portal

Ok, I have to admit, I sometimes do game – and recently I finished Portal. Quite old (released in 2007), but still lots of fun. I started playing it about one year ago, off...

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