End of gitorious, move to github

I just realized that gitorious.org will shut down end of May due to being acquired by GitLab. That means I had to move the repositories I had there over to different places. Gitorious offered seamless import into GitLab, but since I have already several other repos running on GitHub, I decided to move all my repositories there.


That means that from now on the following repositories are not anymore available from gitorious, but from the linked github pages. I ask all the contributors for understanding and hope to see merge requests and issues popping up on github.

The following repositories join the list of development projects I already have on github: PiwigoPress, Slick Google Map Plugin, TeX Live rewrite, and Plex Home Theater Debian packaging.

Japanese TeX related

Sony Laptop related

These are mostly for historic purposes, as they are not developed anymore.

This and that

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