Dublin, the city of books

I just came back from the beautiful (and expensive) city of Dublin. And I must say I am honestly impressed what great collections of nice books they have there. There is of course the Book of Kells, written around 800.

But then there is the Chester Beatty Library which is a jewel. Quoting from their web site:

Egyptian papyrus texts, beautifully illuminated copies of the Qur’an, the Bible, European medieval and renaissance manuscripts are among the highlights of the collection. Turkish and Persian miniatures and striking Buddhist paintings are also on display, as are Chinese dragon robes and Japanese woodblock prints. In its diversity, the collection captures much of the richness of human creative expression from about 2700 BC to the present day.

Go and visit it, it is wonderful. I even saw a book printed by Aldus.

And best of the travel, I visited a country I have never been, so my hit counter increased by one.

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