Calibre 3 for Debian

I have updated my Calibre Debian repository to include packages of the current Calibre 3.1.1. As with the previous packages, I kept RAR support in to allow me to read comic books. I also have forwarded my changes to the maintainer of Calibre in Debian so maybe we will have soon official packages, too.

The repository location hasn’t changed, see below.

deb calibre main
deb-src calibre main

The releases are signed with my Debian key 0x6CACA448860CDC13


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  1. Boyan Penkov says:

    Thanks for all your work, Norbert — on this and on TexLive2017!

  2. Edward Betts says:

    You’re missing a dependency on the python-regex package.

    • Indeed, thanks, was only in the B-D. But since Martin has already updated the official Debian package and rar is not shipped as extension anymore, the current packages are anyway outdated. I will still update regularly to newer versions!

  3. ThorstenS says:

    I would love to use you calibre package.
    When will it be available again?


    • Hi Thorsten,
      there is no need anymore for separate packages from my side, since all the changes are back in the package in Debian. Please get Calibre 3.4 from Debian/unstable (and soon also in testing).

      If you are searching for RAR support, please see the article I posted today, you get from my repo now python-unrardll and an updated unrar/libunrar5 that allows for RAR compressed books in Calibre/Debian again.


  4. ThorstenS says:

    Hi Norbert,
    thanks for your answer.

    calibre from sid hast not satisfiable dependency to python-pyqt5. I will build it on my own under stretch these days.

    For your python-unrardll I already build a small ansible role – thanks for packaging!

    best reagards

    • Ah, you mean backports to stable. Well, that is something different I am not investing time here. It would be of course nice to see someone taking over stable backports of Calibre and upload them to, but it will not be me, sorry 😉

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