Kobo firmware 3.18.0 mega update (KSM, nickel patch, ssh, fonts)

In short succession a new firmware from Kobo, this time 3.18.0. And here is my mega-update. On request from a reader I have now prepared updates for all three hardwares, Mark4 (Glo), Mark5 (Aura), and Mark6 (GloHD).

Kobo Logo

Changes since last release:

  • KSM updated to latest pre-release pre3
  • koreader updated to v2014.11-346 from September 19, 2015
  • customdict scripting update via run.sh was removed – for those who need it there is a patch that works better in the Metazoa patches, but I did not activate it for the public release.
  • build for Kobo Mark4 (Glo), Mark5 (Aura), and Mark6 (GloHD) hardware – but tested only on GloHD

Included patches from the Metazoa firmware patches:

  • all: Custom reading footer style (adapted for the respective device), My 15 line spacing values, Custom left & right margins, Brightness fine control, Search in Library by default, Disable pinch-to-zoom font resizing, Always display chapter name on navigation menu
  • Mark4: Compact homepage layout (Glo), Remove white borders from homescreen tile book covers
  • Mark5: Compact homepage layout (Aura)

Other things that are included are as usual: koreader, pbchess, coolreader, the ssh part of kobohack, and some side-loaded fonts. For details on the respective parts please see the previous post


Mark6 – Kobo GloHD

firmware: Kobo 3.18.0 for GloHD

Mega update: Kobo-3.18.0-combined/Mark6/KoboRoot.tgz

Mark5 – Aura

firmware: Kobo 3.18.0 for Aura

Mega update: Kobo-3.18.0-combined/Mark5/KoboRoot.tgz

Mark4 – Kobo Glo, Aura HD

firmware: Kobo 3.18.0 for Glo and AuraHD

Mega update: Kobo-3.18.0-combined/Mark4/KoboRoot.tgz


10 Responses

  1. rojola says:

    kudos, and thanks for the hardware support (glo user here)

  2. Jarek F. says:

    Thank you very much for this all-in-one package. I’m new in Kobo glo hd user. I went through a lot of posts at Mobilereader forums and came here. I will try this package. Just in case: how to uninstall it? Only factory rest?

    • Factory reset removes most things, but my guess is that some adaptions of the rcS file from the KSM will not be reverted by factory reset.

      But you can revert without factory reset: first use the KSM uninstaller (no link ATM, sorry), and then simply re-update to standard firmware and you’ll be back to the default.

      Do not forget that the package ships a ssh server and opens the telnet server, you need to do the necessary steps as described in my posts.

      • Winmill says:

        It does remove adaptations to the rcS file.

        Kobo devices keep a complete copy of the software on a recovery partition. A factory reset boots from the recovery partition, formats the system and user partitions, then restores factory versions of the system and user partitions. Since KSM (and other modifications) only change the system and user partitions, everything will be removed.

        • Thanks for the clarification – sounds completely reasonable. Maybe I got puzzled due to a strange rememberance that after a factory result my /etc/inittab adaptions did remain…

  3. Jarek F. says:

    Thanks for quick answer. I will follow your guidliness. Have a nice day and greetings from rainy today Poland 🙂

  4. jalal says:

    Hi! I’ve been using Kobo Aura for some time now, but I’m new to this whole patching business. What exactly am I supposed to do with the .tgz file once I’ve downloaded it? Some simple step-by-step instructions would really help. Thanx a lot!

    • Put it into the .kobo directory of your device, then safely eject, and wait. But be warned, there are more things to do like setting up a root password, as described in one of the first posts on the mega update.

  1. 2015/09/28

    […] Kobo firmware 3.18.0 mega update (KSM, nickel patch, ssh, fonts) […]

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