TeX Live pre-2015 for Debian

Now that jessie is close to release, and TeX Live 2015 release is planned for around June, I thought I start working on integrating the current status of TeX Live svn and tlnet into Debian, just to be sure that when TL2015 is released we are ready at the Debian side.

TeX Live/Debian

There are still lots of things that will change, and hidden bugs, but at least I could install the packages on my local system and run simple files through it.

deb http://people.debian.org/~preining/TeX/ exp/

(and the same for deb-src, for those who want to rebuild the binaries for other architectures.)

Enjoy, and let me know your test results!

For the update freaks, here is the list of new and updated packages since the last Debian release:

New packages: apnum, babel-bosnian, bankstatement, begingreek, bondgraphs, bookcover, calculation, citeall, context-animation, context-annotation, context-fancybreak, context-title, context-visualcounter, ctan_chk, doclicense, ebproof, ekaia, elzcards, epsf-dvipdfmx, etdipa, europasscv, fancyslides, fixocgx, fontmfizz, genealogytree, glossaries-danish, glossaries-dutch, glossaries-english, glossaries-french, glossaries-german, glossaries-irish, glossaries-italian, glossaries-magyar, glossaries-polish, glossaries-portuges, glossaries-serbian, glossaries-spanish, gsemthesis, havannah, hook-pre-commit-pkg, impatient-cn, indextools, interchar, jslectureplanner, jumplines, latexcheat-de, leadsheets, manfnt-font, mcmthesis, mflogo-font, ndsu-thesis, newtxsf, prftree, ps2pk, ps2pk.x86_64-linux, romanbarpagenumber, sanskrit-t1, sduthesis, ticollege, tikz-dimline, tikz-palattice, tipfr, tudscr, turabian, turabian-formatting, urcls, versonotes, wasy2-ps, xcolor-solarized, xespotcolor, xmltexconfig, xprintlen, yfonts-t1.

Updated packages: abntex2, achemso, acro, afparticle, ametsoc, animate, aomart, apa6, autonum, babel-french, bangorcsthesis, basicarith, baskervaldx, beamer, biblatex-anonymous, biblatex-apa, biblatex-bookinarticle, biblatex-chem, biblatex-gost, biblatex-philosophy, biblatex-publist, biblatex-realauthor, biblatex-true-citepages-omit, bibleref-french, bidi, bigfoot, blkarray, bnumexpr, bohr, calxxxx-yyyy, cdpbundl, cfr-lm, chemfig, chemmacros, chess-problem-diagrams, cite, cnltx, collection-bibtexextra, collection-binextra, collection-context, collection-fontsextra, collection-fontsrecommended, collection-fontutils, collection-games, collection-genericextra, collection-genericrecommended, collection-htmlxml, collection-langchinese, collection-langeuropean, collection-langgerman, collection-langgreek, collection-langindic, collection-latexextra, collection-latexrecommended, collection-mathextra, collection-music, collection-pictures, collection-plainextra, collection-publishers, collection-science, collection-xetex, context, context-filter, context-letter, convbkmk, cookingsymbols, csplain, cstex, ctanify, cyrillic, dccpaper, disser, dozenal, dramatist, drm, dtk, dtxgen, dvipdfmx, dvips, ebgaramond, ebgaramond-maths, ednotes, eledmac, eplain, epspdf, epstopdf, erewhon, esami, etoc, everyhook, exsheets, facture, fira, fnpct, glossaries, gothic, graphics, greek-fontenc, grotesq, handout, hepnames, hepparticles, hepthesis, heuristica, impatient, inconsolata, ipaex, japanese-otf-uptex, jmlr, knuth-lib, koma-script, kotex-utils, kpathsea, l3build, l3experimental, l3kernel, l3packages, latex, latex4wp, latex4wp-it, latexcourse-rug, latexindent, latexmk, latexpand, latex-tds, lettrine, lexref, libertine, lshort-english, lshort-japanese, ltxfileinfo, luaintro, luamplib, luatexko, makeindex, mandi, manfnt, manuscript, matc3mem, match_parens, mathastext, media9, metafont, metrix, mflogo, mfware, mhchem, minitoc, minted, mnotes, multiexpand, musixtex, musixtex-fonts, newpx, newtx, newtxtt, niceframe, noindentafter, odsfile, pas-cours, pdftex, perfectcut, pgfplots, philex, pkgloader, pl, plain, pmx, poetrytex, preview, pst-gantt, pst-optexp, pstricks, pstricks-add, ptex, ptex2pdf, ptex-ng.x86_64-linux, pxrubrica, qrcode, randomwalk, resphilosophica, sanskrit, savetrees, scalerel, scheme-context, schule, schulschriften, schwalbe-chess, sidenotes, simplecv, siunitx, skmath, spreadtab, startex, stringstrings, superiors, tableof, tcolorbox, tetex, teubner, tex4ht, texinfo, texlive-cz, texlive-docindex, texlive-en, texlive.infra, texlive-msg-translations, texlive-ru, texlive-scripts, texloganalyser, thuthesis, tikz-cd, tikzorbital, tikzsymbols, titlecaps, tools, toptesi, tracklang, tugboat, ucs, udesoftec, uestcthesis, upmethodology, uptex, voss-mathmode, vwcol, wasy, xcharter, xcookybooky, xecjk, xeindex, xepersian, xetexko, xgreek, xint, xkeyval, xmltex, xpinyin, xskak.

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