Charlie Hebdo attack

The killing of journalists at Charlie Hebdo by islamic extremists yesterday is another sad point. Around the world, caricaturists answer with design in memoriam the death at Charlie Hebdo.

I am well aware that this is not what is the meaning of Islam. And all official sides of the Islam churches are condemning the attack. But we have to be aware, that this, and other attacks, are religious instigated, and have to search the reason for this. What brought forth an attitude that cannot cope with criticism? I know that Christianity had similar times – but that was a few hundred years ago. Maybe it is simply a question of evolution. Islam started 600 years later, so maybe we have to keep the burden of this rubbish for another 100 years? Anyway, I strongly ask all Muslim teachers to preach that killing will not bring anyone to heaven.

The Telegraph’s Adams

Rafael Mantesso

Loic Secheresse


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