texlive-base update for jessie 2014.20141024-2

I just uploaded a new texlive-base package targeting jessie. Although we are well past freeze time, I still hope that the release managers allow this package to enter jessie, as it contains an important fix.

TeX Live/Debian

Namely the fix to longtable* in the LaTeX tools package, released beginning of November. Besides this only documentation fixes for LaTeX and tools, and one additional dependency was added. For completeness, here excerpts of the CTAN announcements to these two updates:

From the CTAN announcement of latex:

Karl Berry ran a spell-check over the sources and found a lot
of missed errors – thanks for that.

This release has no code changes.

and for tools:

This update contains code fixes to multicol (from v1.8g to v1.8i) see
change-log below. This should be installed as multicols* is not working
correctly in the current version!

In addition it contains documentation updates for various files,
correcting typos found by Karl Berry. No version changes (only date
changes) to those packages as the code is unchanged.


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  1. Frans says:

    Thanks again!

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