There and back again

Adventures of Norbert

Climbing the Zinne of the Tsurugidake is a long expedition: First day with the car from Kanazawa to Tateyama Eki (~2h), then cable car and bus (1.5h), then on foot ~150mH down and ~700mH up and another ~200mH down to the hut. Next morning start at 3:30, 600mH down, 900mH up, 200mH down, searching far too long doing many more meters, finally 8 pitches of so-so rock, another 100mH up, another 900mH down, another 600mH back to the hut. That was day 2. Then on the last day up 200mH, down ~700mH, up ~150mH, and bus, cablecar, car.

Long and tiring. Big thanks to Masumi and Nobuko for being my partners on this long trip!