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  • Fuji-san December 2011

    38 photos

    Winter on Fuji - against all odds we could manage to climb to the top, fighting with a lot of strong wind on the way

  • Myouji Queens Way October 2011

    16 photos

    Climbing "Queens Way" on Myouji (climbers' speak) / Myoujou (normal speak) / 明星 (Kanji) in Niigata-ken. (more inside)

  • Red Spider Route July 2011

    53 photos

    9 pitches, mostly A1 (or A2), small pieces free V, material in the route is 40 years old. One of the most serious routes in Japan. (more inside)

  • Shakujou Sahou Kante June 2011

    25 photos

    Climbing on Mt. Shakujo 錫杖岳, one of the few halfway easily accessible rock areas (more inside)

  • Ogawayama Climbing June 2011

    31 photos

    Climbing in Ogawayama, a nice area near the borders of Nagano-ken and Yamanashi-ken. A bit the feeling of Wachau (for those from Vienna). In parts trad climbing, so put your own gear!

  • Yatsugadake ice climbing January 2011

    48 photos

    A few days ice and mixed climbing in the Yatsugadake range. A beautiful area, but a long long access (as usual in Japan).