There and back again

Adventures of Norbert

A short trip over night to one of my favorite Ryokan, the Superrindo, a short hike, enjoying the colored leafs. Since long we wanted to stay once at this ryokan, and although we didn't manage for long time, we have been visiting the Onsen of the ryokan very often. This time it worked out, and we stayed the first time there, the Roan in Ichirino, just opposite the ski area. A beautiful and comfortable Ryokan.

Arriving in the late afternoon we relaxed a bit in the room, then enjoyed the wonderful private spa, followed by an excellent dinner.

The next day driving over the Superrindo, the street going up around the Hakusan mountain connecting Ishikawa with Gifu. This years coloring of the leaves was very nice. From the top of the Superrindo we made a short (less than 2h) hike to Mt.Sanpo.

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