There and back again

Adventures of Norbert

  • Taiwan Juming Museum December 2012

    7 photos

    Scultpture in wood, stone, metal - and all sizes

    This museum is dedicated to one of the most famous artists of Taiwan, Ju Ming. Details on the museum can be found here.

  • Senmaida Lightup Opening November 2012

    11 photos

    Senmaida (千枚田) is one of the famous sight seeing spots on the Noto peninsula. These photos were taken during the winter light up opening ceremony on 2012-11-10. (more inside)

  • Superrindo October 2012

    22 photos

    An explosion of colors at the Superrindo this year - a trip during the best time (see more inside)

  • Roan, Superrindo, and Sanposan October 2012

    29 photos

    A short trip over night to one of my favorite Ryokan, the Superrindo, a short hike, enjoying the colored leafs (see more inside)

  • Wine Party October 2012

    7 photos

    Wine-Mushroom gourmet party - how to enjoy good food (see more inside)

  • Halloween Party October 2012

    7 photos

    A surprise Halloween party with excellent food at Il Corraggio in Kanazawa. Pity that we forgot our costums.

  • Yumata Onsen October 2012

    24 photos

    A short hike to a remote hut near Yarigadake, with natural springs around the hut (see more inside)

  • Noto Trip September 2012

    18 photos

    Another trip to Noto, this time we stopped at a desolate tourist place near Ganmon. Not much left but ruins, and beautiful views onto the sea.

  • Vienna Trip August 2012

    93 photos

    A trip to Austria enjoying the summer, with visits to Wachau and Salzburg. (more inside)

  • Sado Golden Week 2012

    66 photos

    A few days on a small island off the coast from Niigata. Nice nature, a few temples, good sake, interesting food.

  • Hanami 2012

    32 photos

    Hanami- the cherry blossoming - in Ishikawa. Maybe not as famous as other spots in Japan, but still beautiful, especially around the Kiba-gata.

  • Sendai Matsushima April 2012

    32 photos

    A working trip to Sendai combined with a short excursion to Matsushima.

  • Tsukuba - Mito - Kairakuen March 2012

    69 photos

    Kairakuen, Tsukuba, Apricot blossoms - a short trip to the other side of Japan. (more inside)

  • Kusatsu Onsen Seminar March 2012

    18 photos

    A seminar in logic allowed me to visit Kusatsu Onsen again. And of course enjoyed skiing and Onsen there.

  • Snowman Festival Shiramine January 2012

    16 photos

    Deeply hidden in the mountains, at the roots of Hakusan, lies the small village Shiramine, famous for lots of snow, onsen, kata-tofu, and very nice Snowman Festival.

  • New Years Party January 2012

    5 photos

    An incredible rich New Years Party with phantastic food in a small place near Kanazawa.

  • Yakushima New Year 2011-12

    139 photos

    Giant trees, lush landscape - the world heritage site Yakushima, a small island in the south of Japan, was our New Year's trip 2011/2012.

  • Okinawa August 2011

    164 photos

    Okinawa - not only beaches, but history, culture, and loads of natures

  • Volunteering in Ishinomaki March 2011

    29 photos

    Volunteering in Ishinomake

    Right after the earthquake and Tsunami three of us went to Ishinomaki, one of the worst hit places, for 3 days of volunteer work. A depressing time.