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Visit to Bath, UK 3

Visit to Bath, UK

During our visit to Swansea we made a side trip to Bath, as I was invited to give a lecture at Bath University. Before returning we had a bit of time for sightseeing in...

Hakusan Superrindo and Shirakawago 0

Hakusan Superrindo and Shirakawago

It might look boring to outsiders to go every year the same Hakusan Superrindo and to Shirakawago, but during the Momiji season, when the leaves are getting these wonderful colors (even for a color-weak...

グルジアの観光:ムツヘタ 0



グルジアの料理とテーブル 0



A few impressions from Georgia 3

A few impressions from Georgia

I am currently in Georgia, the country, and internet is not really a highly available option. So here are some impressions from our visit to Georgia. More reports will come soon. Rainbow over the...




クライミング ラステンフェルド・オーストリア 0

クライミング ラステンフェルド・オーストリア


Hyougo-ken – Kobe – Rokko – Arima Onsen 0

Hyougo-ken – Kobe – Rokko – Arima Onsen

Finally I managed to upload some photos from our trip to Hyougo-ken, visiting the foreigners’ houses and China Town in Kobe, Mount Rokko, and Arima Onsen. A nice and relaxed three day trip to...

Ume garden in Minabe 2

Ume garden in Minabe

Minabe in Wakayama-ken (和歌山県みなべ町) is famous for its Ume trees. The Umeboshi from Minabe are paticularly famous. The second day of our trip around Minabe was dedicated to the Ume garden 梅林 there. For...

Around Shirahama 0

Around Shirahama

The area around Shirahama 白浜 in the south of Wakayama-ken 和歌山県 not only boasts a warm and friendly climate, but also spectacular scenery and excellent Ume. Last weekend I could spend two days in this...

Carreg Cennen Castle, Wales 0

Carreg Cennen Castle, Wales

During my stay (for work) in Swansea I explored this beautiful castle ruin and its surroundings a bit. Unfortunately it was a rainy day, so the photos are a bit dull.

Gower Peninsula 0

Gower Peninsula

Six years ago I visited a colleague in Swansea, Wales, and for a full week we were working without a break. It happened that besides the university campus I didn’t see anything else. Now...


Cheating Amazon Japan

Amazon advertises that the Kindle with 3G can access the store and the purchased books in more than 100 (or 150) countries of the world (see http://client0.cellmaps.com/viewer.html). Well, unless you buy a Kindle in...