Author: Norbert Preining


Converting html to mp4

Such an obvious problem, convert a piece of html/js/css, often with animations, to a video (mp4 or similar). We were just put before this problem for the TUG 2020 online conference. Searching the internet...


TeX Live Debian update 20200804

The usual monthly drop of TeX Live packages. This time it took a few iterations to fix upgrade problems due to files being moved, but now we are there. All arch all packages have...


KDE Apps 20.08 now available for Debian

KDE Apps bundle 20.08 has been released recently, and some of the packages are already updated in Debian/unstable. I have updated also all my packages to 20.08 and they are now available for x86_64,...


KDE/Plasma Status Update 2020-08-13

Short status update on my KDE/Plasma packages for Debian sid and testing: Frameworks update to 5.73 Apps are now available from the main archive in the same upstream version and superseeding my packages New...


KDE/Plasma Status Update 2020-07-30

Only a short update on the current status of my KDE/Plasma package for Debian sid and testing: Frameworks 5.72 Plasma 5.19.4 Apps 20.04.3 Digikam 7.0.0 Ark CVE-2020-16116 fixed in version 20.04.3-1~np2 Hope that helps...


KDE/Plasma Status Update 2020-07-04

Great timing for 4th of July, here is another status update of KDE/Plasma for Debian. Short summary: everything is now available for Debian sid and testing, for both i386 and am64 architectures! (Update 2020-07-07:...


TeX Live Debian update 20200629

More than a month has passed since the last update of TeX Live packages in Debian, so here is a new checkout! All arch all packages have been updated to the tlnet state as...


Cinnamon 4.6 for Debian

After a few rounds of testing in experimental, I have uploaded Cinnamon 4.6 packages to Debian/unstable. Nothing spectacular new besides the usual stream of fixes. Enjoy the new Cinnamon!


KDE/Plasma 5.19.2 for Debian

After the long wait (or should I say The Long Dark) finally Qt 5.14 has arrived in Debian/unstable, and thus the doors for KDE/Plasma 5.19 are finally open. I have been preparing this release...


KDE/Plasma Status Update

Some time has passed since the last updated of my KDE/Plasma packages. In the meantime KDE/frameworks 0.70 was uploaded to Debian/unstable, and everyone should have smoothly transitioned to the “official” packages by now. In...


Multi-device and RAID1 with btrfs

I have been using btrfs, a modern modern copy on write filesystem for Linux, since many years now. But only recently I realized how amateurish my usage has been. Over the last day I...


Plasma 5.19 coming to Debian

The KDE Plasma desktop is soon getting an update to 5.19, and beta versions are out for testing. In this release, we have prioritized making Plasma more consistent, correcting and unifying designs of widgets...