Monthly Archive: May 2017


Debian/TeX Live 2017 is ready

TeX Live 2017 is expected to be released next week, and the Debian packages for it are already uploaded to the Debian servers. Time to prepare for release parties and stack up prosecco! I...


Gaisi Takeuti, 1926-2017

Two days ago one of the most influential logician of the 20th century has passed away, Gaisi Takeuti (竹内 外史). I had the pleasure to meet this excellent man, teacher, writer, thinker several times...

BachoTeX conference photo 0

BachoTeX 2017

A week of typesetting, typography, bookbinding, bibliophily, not to forget long chats with good friends and loads of beer. That is BachoTeX, the best series of conferences I have ever been. This year BachoTeX...