Monthly Archive: September 2014


CafeOBJ 1.5.1 and binary builds

After recently, we released another version 1.5.1, which makes the Windows builds run on UNC path, too. We also improved our binary distribution mechanism and now provide ready built binaries for Windows, Mac, and...


A ghost at JAIST

Today I got the booklet: JAIST Outline 2014-2015, and I found a very interesting table at the end of the pamphlet, listing the international staff members. Reading through it, I wondered what has happened...


Laurent Binet – HHhH

Laurent Binet’s HHhH – Himmlers Hirn heißt Heydrich – a great book about one of the many dark chapters of the Second World War, diluted by the author’s affectation and self-infatuations. The book tells...



長い旅から、特に永年の機内の時間で疲れた僕は今日ウチの白山を訪ねた。スーパー林道の料金所の手前の中宮温泉へ行ってきた。その時一番いいことは、ゆっくりお湯に… これは西山旅館の露天風呂だ。一時間この盥の中自分の疲れた体を醂して、旅の辛さを外した。とってもいい感じ。 これで、日本の生活に戻ろう! emailPrintFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinFlattr



一週間ウェールズのスウォンジーに暮らした。一週間毎晩友人のウイスキー収集を楽しませていただいた。 トルフの味が強くて、立派な香りのウイスキーを一杯試した。一つつが美味しかった。飲み方はいつも同じだった:本当に水を一滴入れて、ストレートの飲み方。最高! ごちそうさまでした! emailPrintFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinFlattr


Happy from Teheran

A group of young people from Teheran have been convicted for producing the following nice video of them dancing to the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. Convicted to 91 lashes and six months in...


CafeOBJ 1.5.0 released

Yesterday we have finally released CafeOBJ 1.5.0. This marks a great step forward in a long development history of this algebraic specification and verification language. To quote from our README: CafeOBJ is a new...