The Joy of Lisp

It has been a long time that I haven’t programmed Lisp, but due to my involvement in CafeOBJ, I recently have re-started to program Lisp, in particular Common Lisp, which is the implementation language of CafeOBJ.


My aim was a kind of command line apropos for CafeOBJ, which allows searching for regular expressions as well as normal substrings. Today, when I created a list of closures of matching functions, and then applying them in a simple map/apply/every statement – I realized that I enjoy programming Lisp. Years ago I used to program Scheme for a internship, and later on I used the Scheme Shell for some scripting. Of course, Emacs ELisp was always along the way.

Then, for long time, I rarely used Lisp, mostly Perl, C, Vala, Python, whatever was necessary. So now I am happy to be back to Lisp – a very enjoyable programming environment!

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